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Company news about Ceres Uv flexo printing ink

Ceres Uv flexo printing ink


Latest company news about Ceres Uv flexo printing ink

In recent years, UV ink has developed rapidly during this period, because more and more UV materials are used in domestic printing, mainly used for UV varnishing, printed circuit board ink and UV screen printing ink. In addition, there are also some UV offset printing inks. Ink, UV letterpress ink, etc., the usage of UV flexo ink is very small, and it is in the initial and intermediate stages. In the current application of UV materials, UV flexo ink is widely valued and favored by foreign countries. Why is the international mainstream UV ink application mainly UV flexo ink? Perhaps this is related to its main characteristics, UV flexo printing inks have the following characteristics:


1. UV flexo printing ink is safe and reliable, has no solvent emission, is non-flammable, and does not pollute the environment. It is suitable for packaging and printing products with high hygienic conditions such as food, beverages, tobacco, alcohol, and medicines. Flexo UV inks have been used in foreign food packaging for many years without any problems.


2. UV flexo ink has good printing suitability, high printing quality, does not change physical properties during the printing process, does not volatilize solvents, has stable viscosity, is not easy to paste, and can be printed with higher viscosity, strong ink adhesion, high dot definition, tone reproduction Good properties, bright and bright ink color, firm adhesion, suitable for fine product printing.


3. UV ink can be dried instantly, has high production efficiency, and has a wide range of adaptability. It has good adhesion on different printing carriers such as paper, aluminum foil, and plastic. After printing, the product can be stacked immediately without sticking.


4. UV flexo ink has excellent physical and chemical properties. The process of UV curing and drying is the photochemical reaction of UV ink, that is, the process of changing from a linear structure to a network structure, so it has many excellent physical and chemical properties such as water resistance, alcohol resistance, wine resistance, wear resistance, and aging resistance. This type of ink is out of reach.


5. The consumption of UV flexo printing ink is low. Since there is no solvent volatilization and high effective ingredients, it can be converted into an ink film nearly 100%, and its consumption is less than half of that of water ink or solvent ink, and the cleaning times of printing plates and anilox rollers can be greatly reduced, so the overall cost is relatively low. comprehensive

According to the above introduction, I believe everyone can know that UV flexo printing ink has obvious advantages and development prospects from the perspective of environmental protection, quality, or technological development. So choosing Ceres UV felxo ink is also a good choice! Welcome to inquire, thank you for your browsing and support!


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